Breaching the distance

The sad way back: Milan to Paris

This trip had so many beautiful moments that were finally meeting their end. We thought about the last moment several times but looked away so we could enjoy the coming days. Being yanked apart from one another will never be easy. We will suffer every time and imagine what it would be like to finally, once and for all, be together. Until that time comes a train will sound its horn and our hands will hold for one last brief moment. I’ll be back my love. Reggio to Milan, Milan to Paris, Paris to Los Angeles and finally Los Angeles to San Diego — at any which point I could have turned around but I kept going. I will be back and someday I will always be back vita mia. 

When I need to hear some Sara music

During my drive from LA to San Diego I had a little piece of Sara with me by listening to our jams. They carried me along highway I-5 which hugs the coast of the Pacific ocean. The Logical song, Funky Town, New York New York and so much more rang through my car and through my memories. They were comforting but are only a temporary remedy to our separation. After spending a whole month of sweet moments together we now have to wait three looooonnng months to see each other again. When I finally arrived to San Diego it felt odd despite the 7 years I had been there. Sara was not here and now we faced the toughest part, staying tightly connected across the distance.

A lot more fun coming our way! 

The hardest part about a long distance relationship is feeling like you’re missing the moments that make a typical couple bond together. We need to be creative and unconventional by doing something crazy fun like starting a blog and making a YouTube channel that will connect us across this distance. We also need to communicate often and share even the small details of our lives. Most importantly, we’ve started to make goals we want to accomplish together some day. This is both fun and inspiring because we start to invest ourselves deeply into our dreams and we can start to see ways in which they can become real.

For now, I’m happy to say Sara is mine and that I will be seeing my Love in December. We are even planning something for spring break! There are many more moments to share together and we will surely breach the distance!!!

** Hasta la victoria siempre **

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  • Luisa Valdesalici

    Congratulations guys. You are nice and also very smart. Blog very nice, even if a little sad, given the distance that separates you. Technology helps and you are very good in this area. Thus the distances a little shorten. I watch your many beautiful videos with joy. I will follow you. A hug to you Sara ❤❤❤and Joaquin.❤❤❤
    P.S. Ho tradotto con Google…quindi, chissà quanti errori.😱🤩😄

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