Together again in the Dolomites

During a hot evening in the start of May Joaquin called me saying he had something to tell me, my mind wandered and was lost in a labyrinth of thoughts.

I was trembling with desire to know what he wanted to tell me, I was even frightened it could be something full of sorrow or pain. However, the truth was he had a surprise in store, a promise that today I can happily say was kept and realized: that cool and stellar evening Joaquin told me he would return to Italy in August.

Within myself I suddenly thought: “I need to take him somewhere that is delightful and unforgettable, to a landscape that speaks about Italy and knowing this he would be excited and anxious for August to come. Fortunately I already had plans to visit Trentino with my brothers during the same time, and for Joaquin’s new visit I knew Val di Sole would be the right Place to go.

Trentino would be the place where we would put our fears to rest and we could forget the anguish typical of a long distance relationship. That place where we would end up planting our dreams and our most childish fantasies. That place where we would follow winding paths and understand how difficult it is to climb mountains but also how easy it can be when you have your significant other.

We left on August 4th, a day when the highway agonized over the sea of cars and campers and drudgingly scarfed them down, yet I was so ecstatic to be with Joaquin again that the nauseating black stampede failed to bother me. For a week we hung around Pellizzano and the surrounding villages, we were fond of speck and Spätzle, and took long regenerating walks among the wealthy mountains, pierced by rivers and waterfalls that gave a freshness to every breath and silver light to the eye.

It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I won’t go any further and I’ll leave you with a gallery of photographs that display a mosaic of the magical moments I happily shared with Joaquin.

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